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She usually took a seat in the back of one of the dingy rooms in the Malin Studios, on 46th Street, smack in the middle of the theater district.When she raised her hand to speak, it was in a tiny wisp of a voice.Less than a year later Marilyn Monroe would pose nude for the now famous Tom Kelley "Red Velvet" calendar shot. Meanwhile, Marilyn would begin dating her vocal coach, Fred Karger, before attempting to end her own life after he dumped her.

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She was always late for class, usually arriving just before they closed the doors.

All of her jewellery was in fact costume jewelry with the sole exception of a string of pearls and a diamond ring given to her by Joe Di Maggio, her second husband. She had a facial hair problem Marylyn Monroe had quite a heavy fuzz beard on her a chin, but she refused to remove it.

It turned out to be quite useful in her acting career as it meant that the film studios didn’t have to resort to any special effects to get that soft glow to her face that was all the rage back then. She had a stammer Monroe had a stutter all the way through her childhood and into her teens, but it disappeared, later on in her life.

Frequentò la Heritage Christian School di Canton dalla prima alla decima classe: in quella scuola molte cose erano proibite, persino i dolci, e vigevano delle regole di comportamento riguardo al modo di vestire, al fatto di tenere gli armadietti senza lucchetto e riguardo alla musica.

Gli insegnanti erano paranoici verso tutto ciò che secondo loro riconducesse al demonio.