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This is the guy who once told a reporter that, when he watches athletes play, he “sees in numbers” only, as if he looks past their flesh and directly into their biological machinery.

So when I arrive at Flaherty’s latest ultra-exclusive six-week NFL combine camp one chilly January morning in San Juan Capistrano, CA, I’m surprised to discover no million-dollar bio-monitors with electrodes sprouting off athletes in gleaming, full-body supersuits, no glowing screens flashing columns of numbers that pour down ad infinitum.

Which is why I've put together a list of some of the best ways snag an athlete.

Most aren't based on any personal success, but rather some of the strategies I've gathered through research and observation. Chances are that you are already on a course in life that is not going to lead you to becoming a professional athlete.

Many people think that your overall strength makes you jump higher, but you can only get serious "ups" after you build up your strength you learn to use that force quickly.

Additionally, an athlete has a better chance of tapping into his potential force production quickly when he can demonstrate efficiency of movement.

In 12 games in 2015, Cabrera already had two home runs and 10 RBIs and is hitting .426.

Meanwhile, the vertical jump test takes about 0.2 seconds to complete.

Nor is there any space-age machinery scattered about, processing heart rates, speed, acceleration, intensity, or power figures. It’s just your standard gym where guys are lifting free weights and running sprints while listening to music.

And had those guys not been top NCAA prospects, like quarterbacks Jared Goff of the University of California and North Dakota State’s standout Carson Wentz (who “took the NFL combine by storm” and may be “the biggest star” of this year’s NFL draft, Peter King would later write), I would’ve thought I’d taken a wrong turn and ended up at some high school’s early-ball conditioning session. And as I learn, Flaherty is even more obsessed with quantitative analysis than I’d previously thought.

(More on that later.) So if you’re an aspiring professional athlete looking to take your body to the next level—and, say, sprint like De Sean Jackson, jump like Julio Jones, or explode off the line like J. Watt—you pay Flaherty upward of ,000 for one of 12 spots at his camp to learn your figure and improve it.

Yes, it sounds pretty cool, like some crazy stuff straight out of The Secret to Running Like the Wind I meet Flaherty and his clients on a high school football field with a backdrop of low, dusty hills.