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Is anthony cumia still dating melissa

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CBS posted a Cumia’s mugshot which has been released by the Nassau County Police Department and NY12 has video of Cumia leaving court.The report alleges that Dani suffered a fractured rib among other injuries. More While we wait for the Space X rocket to blast off for the International Space Station live, Ant talks about his old school lunar module toy, says he’s already sick of presidential chatter, and we finally see Space X launch and watch it for a bit. More ​TACS has a somber start today as we pay our respect to Mayor Bill de Blasio (RIP), Ant then talks about attention seeking protesters, expresses his views on the government voicing their opinion when it comes to tolerance, shows his response to a tweet Cher sent, and the callers give...

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If you believe an old Blogspot discovered by , that decline is the result of the only logical explanation: Avril Lavigne has been dead since 2004, and her hired body double has been impersonating her all this time.

The ESDS is back and after Dave curses out 2016, talks about 2017 catch-phrases and dead celebs, we hear a song, Dave berates Guitarsy, talks about his Compound Media contract, Flutesy is just sayin’, Dave yaps about Ric and Charlotte Flair and some WWE dude named Christian, and we hear... today with special guest Ron Bennington chatting about limo driving and riding, groupie fucking, body ailments, medicating, broken marriages, B.

More TACS begins with a bit of waxing on the Orlando shooting over the weekend, the great Ron Bennington takes a seat to chat about the presidential candidates, weaponry, plays and musicals, and Matt Iseman joins the party to yap about the Hallmark Channel, properly promoting, knowing your place on TV,... L.’s tits, and they reminisce about working together. Gomez in studio with him chatting about “International Women’s Day,” gal on guy assault, Kim K’s nudie pic, Chloe Moretz’s shade throwing, Sharon Osbourne’s nudie pic, and counting your woman blessings.

We don’t know whether this was a prank that went too far or if it was just straight-up creepy—that line was always pretty blurry, anyway—but either way, the future of Opie’s Radio Show, which brought on comedian and frequent guest Jim Norton as co-host after Anthony’s firing in 2014, is unclear.

Norton could stay on, bringing the show to its Live With Kelly And Michael phase of existence, or the show could dissipate like a fart into a microphone, leaving little but a faint smell of rotten eggs and stunned commuters spitting out coffee in its wake.