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I don't think you are going to get much help with a trixbox setup here.Still a lot of underlying resentment to what Fonality pulled.From that information, the steps to configure the following phone models has been confirmed: 7940, 7960, 7945, 7965, 7970, and Communicator (softphone).A Cisco 7975 was not available for testing, however, the 79X5 models have standardized configuration templates and the information for these units should apply (We are still trying to acquire one to confirm this).I would suggest running a legitimate version of Free PBX if you want help from this community. I have new Free PBX Distro installed and running (Asterisk 10 ver.). setup with video H264 enabled and verified a 2 way video call with Jitsi softphone. I cant even get my 9971 to register (config i was using successfully). So I tried to register a Cisco 7911 with a good config and that comes up unprovisioned (Status message: Error Verifying Config).I have the new Free PBX setup in DHCP as the new TFTP server and I have updated configs to point to Free PBX. Bizarrely these phones don't use/request an xml file, even if you create one the phone doesn't touch it.

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Both models appear to support three simultaneous SIP streams/channels/calls IANAL, but it is technically possible to use a "spare" part (e.g.This write up is a supplement, rather than a replacement.Some other good sources of information: The 7941G has two line buttons, the 7961G has six.Selftest video works, but the green light on the camera never comes on during a video call.I have applied the video patch and my asterisk version is that US part numbers are used throughout this write up.