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What would the United States be like if our policies, laws and institutions were built to encourage women's happiness?

Let historian Hanne Blank explain as she talks with Jaclyn about what she learned during the 80s AIDS crisis, the importance of marshmallows wh...

go to great pains to elide one basic truth: that sex can be an incredible, pleasurable experience.

And increase the odds that the sex we do have will live down to those suppressed expectations.

She joins Jaclyn to talk about the violent roots of Jezebel and Sapphire, respectability politics, Slutwalks, embodiment, Beyonce, and how to fill up on yourself.

My family and I love her with everything we are made of and I can't even begin to describe how hurt we feel.This is not ok and our lives are completely different forever.Thank you to everyone that has showed us love because my mom showed you love.All Access first shared the news of Midkiff’s death on Monday (June 6). In theory, that’s to avoid encouraging young people to have sex, but what it does in practice is deprive us all of the expectation that sex should be great.There are several reports popping up all over the place claiming the "Charlie's Angel" was shot in her home in Honduras -- but she's not even in Honduras ... we have concluded she could not have been shot there.