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These were the most beautiful lakes of all the lakes we saw on this trip.

The alpine landscape was dotted with large- and medium-sized rocks and we saw our first moose (two actually)!

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The common definition of friends with benefits is a sexual relationship with someone to whom you do not have any emotional ties or commitment.

As a suicidal man (Mark Rosenthal) stands on a roof ready to throw himself off the building, his friends gather to try to convince him not to do it. See full summary ยป A weekend in a summer house, where six late twenties friends have reunited.

A series of life crises force them to confront their relationships and lives, leading them to discover what it really means to grow up.

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) and aspiring actress Amaya (played by someone billed on only as "Eve") — make a pact on the New Year's Eve their friend Elise (Brooklyn Sudano) is being married and decide that within the year all three of them will tie the knot, either to someone they've met during that time or, if they can't find a suitable man, to the not particularly exciting but good-enough men they're dating.

Their conversations (always revealing, sometimes revolting, and occasionally riotous) revolve around the weekend past and the girls that these three egotistical and narcissistic swingers were able or unable to "scam." However, when all three single guys unknowingly go after the same "perfect" woman, Mia (Amanda Peet), they begin to question their skirt-chasing ways.

Squabbling breaks out amongst the group as they compete for her attention and suddenly, the fate of their ritual and their friendships, becomes uncertain.

While there are valid reasons why you may engage in this type of partnership, there are also many why you may reconsider.

Let's dig a bit deeper into this topic so you can make an educated decision.