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These are a few examples, but I recall these because the men, really from the very start when we sat down, or got to the party and said hello, seemed kinda glum, not into it and not interested in even being there.

It's not like a disinterest that developed over time, it was right from the start.

We kept the conversation going but I noticed he seemed kinda either bored or burned out or disinterested, like, immediately, and of course never called back.

This happened again on the fastest coffee date in the world, where in record time the guy said I was funny but he had to be somewhere, got up and left in about 45 minutes.

Ultimately, the point of a first date is to figure out if you want a second one.

Based on the suggestions above, unless you’ve discovered a flat out deal-breaker, value misalignment, or gut-level red flag, go ahead and schedule date #2!

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