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His Medicaid insurance won’t provide a new pair for another 8 months.
The dog eyed the crotch in front of him, dropped the blanket and sniffed. Lucy, suddenly aware that something was happening between her legs, looked down her body to see Snoopy's head there. Dog lips," she cried, "I'm being touched by dog lips.

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It has become an insurgency involving a complex entanglement of diverse combatants whose motives and goals comprise conflicting ethnic, religious and political factors that threaten to plunge the entire region, unstable as it already is, into chaos.

Virtually all principle combatants have a common enemy: ISIS, soldiered by international fighters whose stated aim is nothing less than to rule the world.

The genie is out and what more havoc he has yet to reap is anyone’s guess.

There is no doubt Canada should contribute what it can to alleviate the refugee crisis and assist humanitarian efforts in Syria.