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Hii dear friends,iam ankita from bhopal,now in delhi..
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The Audi doesn’t let you charge or connect a phone.Audi’s proprietary digital music interface is still the only thing available on the base edition. Furthermore, if you step up to the basic Audi MMI infotainment system, you are limited to awkward dash-mounted controls.I enjoyed her shows before, but Schumer was neither funny nor insightful in this special. With the exception of the gun riff, she relied on old material focused mainly on her smelly body parts. She wears a smallish, tight leather dress that along with a bad hairdo choice and horrible make-up creates an unflattering, swollen look that is a negative distraction.Maybe that is why none of the big premier pay channels picked up this special. I don't think an entertainer's political views matter, so I don't hold it against them, but political comedy tends to be tedious at best.Netflix will have to do better in the future choosing streaming material. I think Amy Schumer is funny, having seen her previous stand up acts and that Bill Hader movie. Schumer is politically active, which is her business.It's hard to tell if the totally unfunny, boring, overlong material of Amy Schumer's latest act is just an anomaly, or if talented, edgy Schumer is no more. I appreciate that she didn't overload this act with politics - some, not much.We have made wonderful friends and have found—and I hope provided—a great deal of support within each of these.I just have to pop onto one of my Facebook groups and I’m immediately reminded, I’m not alone. We are placed in a position of caring for others nearly constantly. Try to shift your thinking, maybe there was a good reason you missed that appointment, that you were sure was on Tuesday but apparently was on Monday.

She could have been forgiven for her politics if only she was creative and funny. He's fanatically left- wing AND he makes me laugh.

Two out of ten if for nothing more than a star's worth of encouragement for funny Amy to come back. Save yourself the time and don't bother watching this train wreck (that lame pun was better than anything in this special). 3 - You're weary of being instructed that these fashionable female comics are funny by people who are out of step with what most people find funny.

I have never been a big fan of Amy but she was better when she was stealing other people's jokes. Here are a few reasons why you probably won't like this Netflix TV offering... 4 - She promised to move abroad and then changed her mind. (I'm assuming it's deliberate.)I've never seen any of her other work so I have nothing to compare this with...

The 2017 Jaguar F-Pace is the first Jaguar SUV, and it has been well received by critics and shoppers alike. Throughout this review, we’ll examine how the F-Pace stands up to its competitor, the 2017 Audi Q5.

Both SUVs have an eight-speed automatic transmission and standard all-wheel drivetrains.